Apr 17, 2020 | News

By Natasha Lowe Osho MD, FACOG, NASM-CPT


A unique fitness experience designed to prepare pregnant women for labor, delivery, and motherhood.

Chandler, AZ, Release:  April 20, 2020


Bump Fitness Club would like to announce the planned opening of its facility located in Chandler, AZ. 

Bump Fitness Club is an innovative fitness concept designed specifically to train pregnant women for labor, delivery, and activities of motherhood.  “Consider how a marathon runner prepares and trains the body for a race, well at Bump Fitness Club, our goal is to train and prepare the body for labor and delivery.”  The program utilizes small group classes to teach proper breathing techniques, engagement and relaxation of core and pelvic floor muscles, and build strength and stamina.  Research has proven that exercise in pregnancy is safe and effective in decreasing risk of complications such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and excessive weight gain.  “Why not take your workout to the next level, and train with a purpose.”   

Natasha Lowe Osho, Board Certified OB/GYN and National Academy of Sports Medicine Certified Personal Trainer, founded Bump Fitness Club as a way to merge her two passions of women’s health and personal fitness.  “After beginning my own fitness journey, I quickly realized that I rarely saw pregnant women at the gym.  As an OB/GYN, I also frequently had to dispel misconceptions about exercise during pregnancy while seeing patients in the office.  I realized that pregnancy fitness is a void within the fitness industry that needed to be addressed.  The combination of my medical training and fitness training has allowed me to safely develop a program specifically tailored to the pregnant and postpartum woman.” 

At Bump Fitness Club, the mission is to provide a safe, supervised environment for exercise during pregnancy with the goals of helping women perform their daily activities, prepare the mind and body for the physical demands of labor and delivery, and facilitate postpartum recovery while building relationships and supporting each woman’s journey. 

Join the club and train for your “Birth Day and Beyond!”  For more information visit 


Contact Information

Name:  Natasha Lowe Osho MD, FACOG, NASM CPT

Organization:  Bump Fitness Club

Address:  2250 E Germann Rd, Suite 6, Chandler, AZ 85286

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